Working with wildflower spirits…

If you have a deck of the Wildflower Cards, spread your cards out in front of you so that you can see the images of the flowers, and notice which one you are drawn to. I’ll demonstrate, showing you how you can work with the flower spirits for healing and guidance, and then perhaps you can try this yourself! Remember to be playful and trust … Continue reading Working with wildflower spirits…

Hello Spirit

“Hello Spirit” Hello Om. Lovely day. Lovely way to be connecting with you. This is new. Spirit seems pleased as though looking around at a room that has been rearranged, and liking it. I have just rearranged my room, but I think Spirit is talking about this wordpress site. Our history of connection has taken place with paper and pen, and while I work with … Continue reading Hello Spirit

Shamanic Song Healing

Shamanic Song

One of my and my clients favourite forms of healing is the ‘shamanic song-healing’. If you can sing and don’t feel shy about it, this is a lovely use of clairaudient ability to channel healing energy and make adjustments in the energy field. With intent, you can direct the stream of sound into specific areas of the energy field and move energy around with your voice.

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