Beetle Spirit Medicine

Animal Spirit Guides can help us in many ways. They might lend us their strength, mirror something back to us or get us thinking a bit more deeply about the life themes we are exploring at this time. None of this has to be taken literally, and what a lot of people don’t understand is that people who believe in things like animal spirit guides, are simply employing some good psychology and mild self-hypnosis to facilitate a healthier mind-body state.

Beetle spirit medicine has been making itself felt in my life over the past week or so, triggering both memories that need processing and reframing, and free-association cascades that help me think outside the square and tap into my own deeper wisdom.

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Reflecting on Shame Green

Yesterday my students and I each drew an Aura Card. We were creating part of a group aura reading together.

You might ask “how can a card pulled by one member of the group be relevant for all of you?”

Answer: Because we are sharing space, and our auras are mingling.

Having worked together with the cards for many years, the students and I know from experience that every card drawn is relevant to most, if not all, people present in the room. My classes are small, 3-4 people, 6 at the most, so we have plenty of time to explore each card and see how it might be relevant to each person. Every Aura Card has multiple different aspects, with one facet being relevant to one student, and a different aspect being applicable to another. We are often surprised by the parallels running through our lives and this sense of ‘me too!’ draws us closer together as a group, with each member drawing on their own personal experience and wisdom to guide the others… “When that happened to me I did this…..”

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