Soul Loss, Retrieval, Soul Return : Aura Card Demo

“Soul Retrieval” is the reclaiming of stolen/forgotten/repressed energies or parts of ourselves that were lost during, or as a result of, past trauma (Soul Loss). Soul Retrieval is like marching into your past, standing up to your demons and saying “I’ll have that part of myself back, thank you very much!”

“Soul Return” is the process of giving back crappy stuff that has been projected onto you, or that you have taken onto yourself, during past trauma. In other words, it’s about giving back stuff that isn’t yours, and never was. There is absolutely no point carrying and attempting to own or process ‘stuff’ that isn’t yours; it’s always best to give it back and let the original owner take care of it. Continue reading “Soul Loss, Retrieval, Soul Return : Aura Card Demo”

Central Australian ‘Heart Fuchsia’

I found this flower in Central Australia.

Heart Fuchsia heals the wounds of the heart. She helps you travel through your history so you can understand who you are and why your heart has become who it is. The healing she gave me was a soul-retrieval. When wounded, a part of us can split off from our wholeness and become trapped in the memory of the wound, and we let it go, abandon it almost, in an attempt to wall off the pain. To heal the wound, we need to reintegrate the memory and be present with our pain, with compassion, gentleness, acceptance and love. 

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The Soul Snatcher

She looked down at Tomas’s broken twisted body and something broke and twisted inside her. she screamed with grief and rage, falling to her knees and scooping his body up in her arms, making him wet with her tears, wishing they were magic life-giving tears, knowing they were not.

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