Therapeutic Storytelling

I specialize in storytelling. My clients tell me stories about who they are and the life they are leading; stories about health, life, courage, confusion and so much more. They cast themselves in a specific role that reflects and shapes their psyche and their story about themselves.

Listening to a person’s story tells me about their hopes, their fears, their insecurities and their strengths. And hidden in amongst the folds of every story told are little whispers of wisdom that grow wings with which to fly when they are unearthed from our depths and the light of positive attention is shone upon them. The same light can make fears and insecurities dissolve as though they were merely the remnants of a bad dream shaken off with the dawning of new realisations and insight.

In clinic, I use many different story-telling techniques to bring my clients face to face with their own stories. The telling of past live stories and fairy-tales for example, can re-present our stories to us in exaggerated,  metaphor-rich glory; stage-dressed in ribbons and tatters, delivered dramatically or humourously, with a classic plot line and characters who mirror us back to ourselves. Why do we tell the stories we tell, in the way that we tell them, and why do we keep repeating the same experience over and over again, attracting, or being attracted to, the same catalysts, characters and plot lines?

I love helping people find new ways to tell old stories: flipping through alternative possibilities and choices in perspective can make us feel as though we discovering and having the courage to wander down half hidden side-streets that lead to new delights and new life….  instead of walking the same tired old paths over and over again.

Who could you become? What do you aspire to? What kind of person would you like to be? These are the questions we are exploring when fleshing out the character of a spirit guide, another form of story-telling I love to use in clinic. You could think of your spirit guides as being your higher self playing dress-up, because in the broader scheme and things, we are all connected as one anyway; connected by universal story-lines (plot lines) and archetypal lessons.


Co-creating your spirit guide

Spirituality is a creative process and spirit loves being involved in your creations and co-creating with you. The image, name and identity we have for a spirit guide is simply a mental construct; an idea or image through which spirit communicates. It isn’t real. Spirit is energy. Spirit is frequency. Being human we give spirit an identity based on our human, physical experience. Bodies, names, identities, gender… are human ideas.

When I see an image of a spirit guide in my mind, I do not mistake the image for the guide animating it, just as spirit does not mistake our body for us. Like spirit, we are more than just a body, an identity or a name; we are energy, we are frequency – this is our core essence.

Quite often the outer cover is an expression of the core; a representation. Some bodies are fairly accurate representations of the spirit contained within, but others aren’t. It’s the same with spirit guides. We don’t have to come up with the perfect name and physical identity for a guide. Names and physical identities are not the reality hidden underneath.

Your guides have a very strong desire to communicate with you. It won’t matter to them what image is used as the communication medium unless this image detracts from the quality and clarity of the conversation. It’s the message, and the quality of the message, that ultimately matters, not the outer casing or medium through which the message is delivered.

We humans tend to get waylaid by questions like “what does my guide look like?” and “what is his/her name?”. I don’t mean to say these thing don’t matter at all, because without them our humans minds can get a little lost, it’s just that we take them too literally. We do need something a little more concrete than energy/frequency to focus on and communicate with, otherwise the experience becomes too vague. Having a well-defined character to focus on generally makes the message easier to comprehend.

So if you want to communicate with your spirit guides, stop sitting around waiting for it to happen and give them something to communicate through. Give them something to work with! Be proactive and create a character. This character will be a co-creation with spirit, especially if you allow your inner child, imagination and intuition some free rein. Spirit will meet you half way, in the realm of your imagination and guide you.

The name you make up might not be that far off the mark. The gender you assign your spirit guide will probably be quite appropriate. The physical stature you imagine your guide having might well be exactly how that guide imagines they would look if they were human with physical form. Nothing you come up with will be entirely accurate because spirit isn’t physical, but it will have personal meaning for you, and that’s all that matters.

Stories about spirit guides

I really love the characters and stories that unfold in my work as a spiritual counsellor. From a psychology perspective, the characters could be thought of as archetypes; universal characters that are familiar the world over, who keep popping up throughout history and in story-telling. Archetypes are personality patterns, essentially, or frequency states in the aura. Each character explored during a healing has a transpersonal, intrapersonal and interpersonal facet.

The transpersonal is the spiritual, larger-than-life realm, so this is where we frame a character as a spirit guide; an intangible character/energy that is giving you spiritual guidance.

On the intrapersonal level (intra meaning ‘within’ the self), the character represents an inner self; some part of your personality that the spirit guide is reflecting, enhancing or representing.

On the interpersonal level (the realm of human relationships), the archetype may also be playing itself out in the world around you, popping up as a character in the screenplay of your life.

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The Teacher

(Based on a story told to me by a spirit guide, about a previous life of hers)

The tremors were coming more often now. And they were stronger. The children could see the cracks forming in the stone walls, and the dust was making some of them cough.

“Earth mother is waking up. Don’t be afraid. She will take us into her belly where a new world will begin for all of us.”

She kept her voice soft, low and soothing, relying on her gentle sing-song alto to sway them back into calm. Tightening the outer edges of her aura as it wrapped comfortingly around the group, she disciplined herself to relax the core, smiling a little to herself as they heaved a collective sigh and released some tension.

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Shatavari Goddess


















I work with the spirit medicine of herbs and plant food.

Today during a healing, I was working with this Goddess, Sapphia. She is a personification of the plant spirit medicine belonging to Shatavari, more commonly known as asparagus.

This is a Yin herb, full of moistening, nourishing fluid. She strokes our kidneys, re-filling them with life force after they have become drained by excess or worry.

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Si, the Crescent Moon Goddess

photo-11I was recently in Canberra with my mother, viewing the ‘Gold and the Incas’ exhibition at the National Gallery. On the evening of the second day, I reached out and spoke to spirit because I was feeling intensely moved by the plight of cows. I recognised that driven, almost obsessive feeling; in the past it had been stimulated by guides were were stirring my passion in order to draw me down particular pathways aligned with my higher purpose.

“Okay Spirit. If any one of you is responsible for my cow obsession, please step forward and make yourself known!”

From behind the usual crew of helpers, a new figure emerged. She was small, female and dark, as though standing in shadows.

“Who are you?”, I asked?

“I am a crescent moon Goddess. You won’t easily find me if you research. I am ancient.”

She showed me a sickle, a curved blade used for cutting sacred herbs, and she showed me how this shape was the same as the shape of the crescent moon and the curve created by a cows horns. She also showed me an image of a cow with spiralling horns. When I asked her to tell me more about herself and the sickle, this is what she said:

“I will help you cut away all that is old in your life. I help people cut away excess. I am here because you called me. You want to help the cows; so do I. They are my sacred creature. I care for them and they me. We are sisters. The cows horns carry me.”

The next day, I was astonished to find a crescent moon Goddess in the exhibition. It was a very old ceramic statue. Her name was ‘Si’ and she was riding a creature…probably a moon animal. Moon animals were mythical beings in Andean culture, much like chimeras; an imaginary mix of different animals blended together. This statue was from the Chimu’ people, dated between 110-1470 AD. Unlike many of the other Andean cultures (who loved gold), the Chimu people preferred to use Silver in their metal-work. In Andean cultures Gold represent the masculine and was associated with the sun, whereas Silver represented the feminine and was linked with night time and the moon.

Later that night, I spent some more time with Si. I really liked her personality. She was old and gentle, but she seemed to have a youthful lightness and a quick-witted sharpness to her demeanour. She stood in the shadows, but somehow radiated a light that lifted my mood. She used her sickle to carve new shapes into my aura and she helped me find my own sacred sickle within; there were two of them and she adjusted them so that they aligned perfectly with one another, one on each side of my body. The bottom tips of these crescent moons rested on my hips and the upper tips clicked into a special divot in my shoulders. They seem to swivel when I heal. I’m not sure exactly what they are for…. maybe they just help me cut things away with ease.

Since coming come I’ve noticed a change in my healing work. The healings are gentle but so much more powerful. And it isn’t just me noticing- lots of comments from my clients. Everything seems easier. I reach effortlessly in past layers of complexity in the aura without hesitating. My grip on blockages is firmer and my capacity to unlock stuck energy has vastly improved.

The day after I came home I went to see a new friend who sketches spirit guides. Her name is Gisela. Gisela drew my new friend Si, with her curved cow horns. She has earth globes for eyes and a single tear drips from one of her eyes. Gisela talked about Si being a balance of light and shadow, a maiden Goddess who understands the power of simple but powerful actions that can create ripple effects in the world around us. Via Gisela, Si asked me to come back to myself and my heart. This is exactly what my compassion-for-the-cows journey has been about; reconnecting with my inner child’s empathic love for Mother Nature and all her creatures. I had to shut this down when I was younger in order to cope, but I think I now have the strength to open back up to this part of who I am. Since beginning to do this, I have been crying more often than usual, out of sadness for my fellow beings. Last night I burst into tears while discussing the plight of homeless people with my husband! But I have also being finding deeper wells of joy and humour within me too.

And now, a few days later, I have been delighted to find an email from my mother. When we were together in Canberra, she said she wanted to connect with Si too, because she likes her sickle for cutting away the excess in our lives. When we first discovered Si, mum said “But how do I talk to her?”.

“With your imagination mum, just like how you talk to your other spirit guides.”

Her face lit up. “Oh! Like how I talk with the rock spirits!”

I’m so glad mum is talking to Si, because she is a brilliant channel and she has brought through the loveliest information about her. It validates my intuitive sense that Si is behind this change in my healing style, and it helps me to know her better. Here is what mum wrote:

“When Omi and I went to the Inca Exhibition we both met the ancient spirit guide “Si” and connected to her. She is the Yin, and represents the Moon and all things feminine. The crescent moon is her sign and she prefers it this way – like a smile! She is the Light in the dark of the night. The Glimmer of Hope in the Darkness.

She represents mystery and hidden things. Something hidden behind something hidden, behind another and another. Layers upon layers upon layers, cloaked for the Finder to Find. Like a pattern in a weaving hiding another pattern and another. Like layers of an onion peeled back slowly to reveal yet another surprise. This is what she can help us with – Revealing the secrets of the soul – layer upon layer upon layer . Awakening me to myself, to my souls secrets! so many there are…

I felt such a strong connection to all the weavings and embroidery we saw in the exhibition. I remembered that I was a weaver in a past life. Weaving is in my blood, in my soul and brings a light to my darkness.

It Lifts my spirits. Lifts my Spirit….”

At the exhibition, right next to the Si ceramic there were some weavings we both fell in love with. We spent a lot of time drawing them. I felt an emotional ‘thud’ of energy wham into my chest when I saw one of them. I felt like I had made it myself. Mum and I are both weavers. Mum taught me to weave when I was a child and lately I have been weaving again, after many years of not weaving at all. My power animal is the spider, a weaver extraordinaire. In the past few months I have been a little bit crazy about weaving, crocheting, knitting and now braiding. I love working with threads in the aura too- untangling them, re-weaving them, removing broken and frayed threads and so on.

I am feeling really grateful for my connection with spirit, my beautiful family and this incredible planet we live on. With Si riding beside me on her ‘moon-animal’, perhaps together we can raise some awareness about the connections between all of nature- the invisible threads that connect us all together as One.

Blessed Be


Being where you are

I just found this written conversation between myself and one of my Spirit Guides. I can’t find the first two pages, so I’m not sure what the prelude was, but page three begins with Spirit talking about paradox.


“Your heart and mine are one beat and yet a mile apart. I stand here in the universe and you stand over there and yet it is as though we are side by side, arm in arm. How is it so?”


“Um. Space-time-distance-separation is an illusion?”


“Exactly. One. You stand there and I stand here and yet we are as one. Can you see how the Eagle does not truly move?” (This reference to an unmoving eagle might seem strange, but he’s talking about something that happened earlier in the conversation, in the missing pages. An eagle is flying, moving without moving)


“Sort of. Everything just is. And yet is it not, also” (Then I laugh, because language so poorly conveys the complex simplicity of paradox)


“Exactly” (Spirit hugs me).

“That’s enough. Be still now.” (Spirit was asking me to rest my mind in stillness. We sat together in silence for a while before spirit began speaking again.)

We will discuss freedom. Do you see how it (Freedom) is in the eye of the beholder? Those who crave it believe they have not enough of it. Those who long to be Somewhere Else are afraid to be Where They Are. This place, ‘Where You Are’, is the pathway to where you are going and it cannot be side-stepped. That is like saying you want to walk but do not want legs, or that you wish to fly but want to be carried.

Keep your eye on the path in front of you, and your heart centred in the space around you in this now moment, for it is All Here Already. Even as we speak, life unfolds perfectly, for how can it be anything less?All of this was meant to be perfectly as it is…

and yet….. “


“The possibilities, the creativity…..”


(laughing) “Yes. It could always be Something Else. Something Else is a lot of fun to explore too, and just because What Is, is……doesn’t mean it’s the only possibility. All the strands* exist in any one moment but you will tend to choose to experience only one at a time, otherwise what would be the point?

Everything is as Nothing, but one possibility separated from the totality becomes Something, and this is indeed worth the separating. 

Have fun with your creating- muchly this is a choice regarding which strand you will walk at any given time and it is possible to jump from one strand to another. All Ways possible. 

So enjoy the fullness of these possibilities and remember…..

Anything is possible.


*Strands…. I think he means possibilities, or possibility pathways we can walk down or different paradigms we can inhabit. With spider as my power animal I tend to see energy and reality as a weaving of energy lines or ‘strands’.

Connecting with your spirit guide

In this sketch we see the presence of a Spirit Guide beside the arm... not depicted in a human shape, but as spirit really is: A ball of glowing light.
In this sketch we see the presence of a Spirit Guide beside the arm… not depicted in a human shape, but as spirit really is: A ball of glowing light.

One of my clients recently asked me how she could build a stronger connection with her spirit guides. By the end of the consultation, she was delighted, because she could ‘see’ her primary male guide. I’d love to share with you, some of what we discussed, and the process we used to facilitate a deeper connection.

To begin with, I explained to my client that she needs to meet Spirit half way by engaging her imagination. Spirit is just energy. Guide are intangible and cannot be perceived or understood in our normal human way, through our physical senses. Think of your spirit guides as balls of light. The only reason we insist on them appearing human, is because WE are human.

There is nothing wrong with wanting them to appear human, because perceiving our guides as human enhances our ability to communicate with them….but we need to understand that the idea of a specific body image, shape, sex etc, is a human construct, not a spiritual one.

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Spirit Guides

I love working with spirit guides and in general, I prefer working with them over deceased loved ones because they are specifically focused on the client’s spiritual growth, which really suits me as a spiritual counselor. Spirit guides are like invisible friends that guide your spiritual and personal development as an incarnated being. I like to imagine that they are looking after my birth-plan for me, helping guide me in the right general direction.

Guides assist us in all areas of our lives in order to help us become more well-rounded, balanced individuals. You might have one guide helping you with your relationships and another helping you with your career. You might have one guide teaching you better communication skills and another that is teaching you how to develop financial intelligence and the discipline to save money. Some people say we have a set amount of guides, like one, three or seven. I personally haven’t found this to be true.

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