The Cave


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of the healing sketches I use in my clinic. Like all the sketches, it has a range of uses, which I am slowly learning over time. I channeled 20 healing sketches through over the space of a week, and now Spirit is showing me how to use them.

Colours, shapes and patterns on their own can have power, because they influence the mindbody via our vision, but sketches can be imbued with intent and vibrational energy. We might not be able to visually see this vibrational energy, but our body can feel it. Think of this vibrational energy as being like a three-dimensional, sacred geometrical or organic pattern. This pattern is absorbed into our aura and from here impacts the mindbody.

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The Art of Holding in Healing

Today during a healing class, one of my students was the healer in the second healing for the day. In some ways this can be challenging, because the first healer and healing sets a mood or a standard, and the instinct most of us have is to match that mood or standard, when in reality, a different client usually requires a completely different approach. The first healing during class today was dynamic. The healer talked us through the healing and the imagery was beautiful. There was a pace and a flow, almost like the feeling you get when a person ‘doesn’t skip a beat’.

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