My Life as a Dreamer

My husband tells me the way I dream is unusual, and I’m curious to know if that is true!

I’ve always been an adventurous dreamer. As a child, I’d dream of being in the school yard, off in some little corner by myself, practising my levitation skills. I’d slowly lean back, keeping my body straight and stiff, balancing my weight on my heels. Instead of falling backwards I’d suddenly find myself floating with my heels an inch off the ground! It required a lot of concentration, but with practise, it became easier.

As the years rolled by, I was able to float a little higher, and for longer, and by the time I reached my teens I could fly! Sometimes, my flying looks like Wonder Woman. When I fly like this, it feels almost as though I am a dolphin, streaming, winding, whipping and turning effortlessly, this way and that. Other times, it’s more a sense of being able to jump with weightlessness, launching in the air and leaping to great heights. Continue reading “My Life as a Dreamer”

Wings around my sister

Karlee handed the bottle of pills over to the program coordinator and sat down. Someone had ratted her out. She looked around the room at the other girls suspiciously, hiding the hardness in her eyes behind a thick fringe of hair and a demure smile. They were talking crap again. About how this one had said that and that one had done this. It was boring.

She watched Tanya for a while and wondered if it was her who had dobbed her in for the pills. Little prattler was a suck. Even the sound of her voice grated on Karlee’s nerves. It reminded her of a childhood ‘friend’. Bloody memories. But it was too late, one had sucked her in again. She wished she could get the pills back.

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Hello Spirit

“Hello Spirit” Hello Om. Lovely day. Lovely way to be connecting with you. This is new. Spirit seems pleased as though looking around at a room that has been rearranged, and liking it. I have just rearranged my room, but I think Spirit is talking about this wordpress site. Our history of connection has taken place with paper and pen, and while I work with … Continue reading Hello Spirit

The Dreamers – part 1

Maddy and Toby watched via the monitor as Greg led the two students through a meditation in the adjacent room. Maddy marvelled at the way Greg’s voice dropped in tone, volume and pace, enticing his charges into a deeper state. He really did have a gift for this kind of work. Turning her attention back to Toby, she was a little startled by the odd play of emotions fleeting across his face. “Toby. Are you getting distracted again?” He had a quick mind, certainly, but it did have a tendency to leap about rather than staying focused on the task at hand.

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The King and the Dragon- part 3

A gust of wind stirred him back to consciousness. Half awake, his eyes still closed, the King’s nose wrinkled in disgust at the horrid smell. He froze. Something very large, with bad breath, was sniffing him. The dragon. Well this was it. His first taste of freedom in a zillion years and it all comes to this: getting eaten by a dragon. He probably should have stayed right where he was.

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The Soul Snatcher

She looked down at Tomas’s broken twisted body and something broke and twisted inside her. she screamed with grief and rage, falling to her knees and scooping his body up in her arms, making him wet with her tears, wishing they were magic life-giving tears, knowing they were not.

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The King and the Dragon – part 2

For a while he just stood there, munching pear, feeling torn. One direction didn’t seem any more promising than the other. Perhaps it was the stress of indecision, but his stomach was starting to feel quite tight. He tucked the rest of his pear away with a grumble and rubbed his belly but if anything, the tight feeling got worse, rather than better. By golly, he thought, that’s a strange sensation. It really did feel as something was pulling on his stomach. The pulling sensation seemed to be drawing him to the left.

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