Blood Pressure

My great uncle is in his mid eighties and isn’t on any prescribed medications. Not because doctors haven’t tried to put him on them mind you, but because he (like me) prefers a natural living approach to health. 

He recently had some trouble with his blood pressure consistently showing some high readings. I personally felt that it was tied in with some stress and the effects a dog bite had had on his immune system. Everything in the body is connected, and the slightest little tweak here and there can have a domino effect throughout the entire system. My great uncle, like most of us in my family, has a great love for nature and a strong social conscience. As a result, his sense of well-being cannot easily be separated from the well-being of his community and his community was facing challenges. It would be so easy to turn a blind eye and not care, but honestly, what is the point in having this human existence if we don’t engage?

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