Transformation Packages

Do you want insight into what may be blocking you in health, wealth, career or love? And help to resolve these blockages?

Screenshot 2015-06-04 02.54.19Transformation Packages help you identify and clear the obstacles, both internal and external, that may be preventing you from moving forwards. Each package contains:

*A 40 minute personal Skype consultation with Omanisa.

*A tailored Aura Remedy

*An Aura Colour Therapy Sketch, attuned to your aura

*A personalised 20 minute Healing Meditation Audio

*A PDF copy of the Transformation Workbook

2015-05-26 16.17.44During your personal Skype consult you can discuss with Omanisa the specific issues and problems you are facing. As you speak, Omanisa will scan your aura to diagnose imbalances that need to be addressed for you to move forward. Omanisa will provide some counselling during this consultation. Afterwards, she will use the insights gathered during the Skype consult to design a personally tailored healing meditation for you.

In the week following your Skype consult, you will receive an email containing your 20 minute Audio Healing Meditation, a photograph of your colour therapy sketch, and a PDF copy of the Transformation Workbook.

2015-06-02 17.04.33You can begin working with these tools while you are waiting for your Aura Remedy to arrive in the mail.


There are only a limited number of Transformational Healing packages available each month. Please contact Omanisa first to check availability.

This package is highly effective for bringing about personal change, but it does involve input from you as the client. To facilitate change you will need to take responsibility, as a powerful co-creator, for your own healing journey, and use the tools provided for you.

Omanisa recommends listening to the Audio Healing Meditation at least once weekly for a month, applying the Aura Spray at least once daily, and checking in with your Transformation Workbook once a week.

Keep the sketch somewhere you can see it regularly during this time. The patterns, shapes and colours are a healing language your aura will absorb like medicine, and it can be very powerful to gaze at the sketch while listening to the Audio Healing Meditation.

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