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Darwin Workshops

We’re doing a trial run with monthly half day workshops teaching modules from the Spirit Medicine program for Darwin locals who prefer in-person, face-to-face training.


Well known for her colourful and inspiring readings, healings, and spiritual training programs Omanisa is an Australian naturopath with over 25 years experience running workshops and courses.

Om “walks with a foot in both worlds”, looking for ways to integrate spiritual wisdom from ancient/indigenous cultures worldwide with evidence-based therapy approaches inspired by scientific research into mindbody connections. 

Omanisa’s current training program, “Shadows into Light” Medicine, teaches the art of using Spirit Medicine for healing and self care.

(If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice, please see this page)


(Module One of “MindLight”)

APRIL 15TH 2023

9am – 12pm

$80.00 ($88 with GST. After-pay available)


  • The option to stay and have a shared lunch with us afterwards
  • A grounding remedy from Om’s naturopathic clinic
  • A take-home guided audio meditation

Spend a luxurious morning immersing yourself in grounded meditation practise with Om. Learn how to ground yourself, self-soothe, and connect with the spirit-medicine of Nature using a blend of mindfulness, meditation, Ki-mastery, light-breathing, and intuition. Stay for a shared lunch afterwards and nourishing conversation.

This intensive workshop includes a spirit-medicine grounding remedy from Omanis’s naturopathic clinic and a take-home guided audio meditation. Om will be unveiling her very first Aura Colour Spray at this workshop! The Home Brown aura spray helps strengthen and repair your grounding earth lines, so you can earth excess charge and draw nourishing earth-Ki from your larger body (Nature).

Your body is your Home, and Nature is your larger Body. Everything is connected. For First Nations people, Home is often referred to as Country, the land you belong to that is your family. It’s about connection. “Home” reminds us we are interconnected as one big tribe, we are family with all of Nature and each other. And that rather than being separate, your body and mind are interwoven as one, as per the term “mindbody”.

If you aren’t Home in your body and the moment, you might have trouble being present with your emotions and loved ones. Instead, you tune out from your body and feelings, and find ways to numb yourself. Alcohol, drugs, shopping, workaholism, spending too much time on social media, and so on. People who aren’t Home feel lost, foggy-headed, disconnected. Their attention is scattered and they have trouble grounding their dreams and intentions into reality. They also over-think things and struggle with anxiety and procrastination. 

In this MindLight course module, I’ll be helping you strengthen an aura colour I call “Home” – an earthy brown grounded mindbody state – so you can come Home to yourself. People who have this colour in their aura feel a sense of belonging and connection with country, community and themselves; they feel relatively comfortable in their own skin and safe being here now, in this body, this life, this world. Rather than tuning out or getting triggered by the world around them, they stay present with calm awareness.