Om sensitively and elegantly identifies and resolves problem issues to help you build inner strength and courage. She can help you break patterns that are no longer useful and uncover dynamic new ways to live your life and be you. I recommend her to everyone!

Om allows us to find that wonderful shining light within us all. She has a great gift and imparts it with amazing wisdom and love.


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I can highly recommend Omanisa as a truly gifted healer who has made an enormous impact on my life. Omanisa is a treasure as she is deeply connected to Spirit and works to untangle the invisible and to repair what needs to be repaired. Best of all she always does this work compassionately, and gently. I am blessed to have found Omanisa. Do yourself a huge favour and contact her.


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My favourite drink at the moment is a squirt of “Awaken your Fire” in a glass of water. Whenever I’m being too much of a people-pleaser, I take some of this and the Aura Spray that comes with it. Still blows my mind that the spray has flower AND crystal essences in it! Over the past week, I’ve been doing the guided meditation that comes with this kit every day, and I finally feel like my sparkle is coming back!


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I absolutely loved your ‘Spirit Medicine with Om’ course this year – it was such an enriching and enjoyable experience. It supported me greatly in connecting with my own inner wisdom, building a relationship with my guides, and using deliberate and focused psychic intent to support a significant up-levelling in my life.

I honour your talent for making difficult to grasp spiritual and psychological concepts so easy to understand, while enhancing their potency and power courtesy of your next-level insights.

Carina (2021 Student)

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