What is spirit medicine?

Spirit Medicine is a healing modality created by Australian naturopath Omanisa, a unique blending of First Nations and Eastern wisdom with naturopathy and neuroscience that helps people feel lighter and brighter!

  • Recover from the after-effects of trauma
  • Navigate life-changes, relationship endings and loss
  • Build resilience and adaptability in the face of stress and hardships
  • Develop mindbody self-awareness rather than tuning out and self-numbing
  • Understand & resolve your inner conflicts so you can stop sabotaging yourself
  • Improve your self-care skills and reduce a tendency to self-harm or self-neglect
  • Discover the hidden psychological and emotional issues affecting your health
  • Learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to heal yourself and feel happier
  • Use natural remedies to compliment your medical healing journey
  • Learn how to use your imagination to heal and balance yourself
  • Release Ki blockages and develop Ki-mastery


May you savour the good times and good company with lightness of heart, and weather the inevitable storms of life with graceful grittiness and good humour, emerging all the wiser and stronger for the journey.

~ a blessing from Omanisa and the Welcome Swallow

The naturopathic element in Spirit Medicine is a return to the nature-therapy principles naturopathy was originally founded on – natural whole-foods, herbal medicine, exercise, sunlight and fresh air, i.e. time spent outdoors in Nature. Om specialises in using Spirit Medicine to modulate the nervous, immune and endocrine systems, using herbal medicine and therapeutic techniques inspired by PNI (psychoneuroimmunology – the connection between personality, behaviour, the nervous system and the immune system) and Neurotheology (spiritual neuroscience – the effect of spiritual practices on the brain.)

Spirit Medicine is a deeply creative approach to healing, counselling and spiritual mentoring that often appeals to artistic, imaginative, nature-loving people. Omanisa delivers her therapy and counselling sessions via story-telling, the visual arts, metaphor and guided imagery… and she often prescribes homework that has a creative element to it

Spirit Medicine draws on the wisdom of cultures who practise mindfulness, martial arts, breathing techniques and healing methods based on the cultivation of an invisible lifeforce energy known by many names in many different cultures… you might know it as Chi or Prana. Om refers to this energy as Spirit or Ki. Om teaches her clients and students how to harness and balance their Ki through breathing and mental exercises such as mindfulness.

“I first met Om around 8 years ago and to say she changed my life is an understatement. Through her perspectives and healing she allowed me to really see and feel things that I had trouble recognising and processing. Over the years I have been back a couple times when I feel like I have lost my way and I always leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I always gain the courage to face things with fresh eyes and an open heart and can honestly say that she brings out the best version of me, when I need myself most. Thank you Om, you have no idea how much I grow every time I see you”

Omanisa was born in a beautiful desert town in the centre of Australia called Alice Springs and Mparntwe (pronounced m’barn-twa), land owned and cared for by the Arrernte (pronounced a·ruhn·duh) people, the traditional owners of this land. 

Om was raised by elders whose worldview was shaped by their friendship with the indigenous First Nations people of central Australia and their spiritual love for the land.

At the age of 14, Omanisa began training herself to enter visionary trance states. Two years later, a visiting American Indian shaman took her on a vision-quest….

“I can highly recommend Omanisa as a truly gifted healer who has made an enormous impact on my life. Omanisa is a treasure as she is deeply connected to Spirit and works to untangle the invisible and to repair what needs to be repaired. Best of all she always does this work compassionately, and gently. I am blessed to have found Omanisa. Do yourself a huge favour and contact her.”

Om delivers her Spirit Medicine modality via three avenues: private consults, therapeutic resources which are available in the shop, and her “Shadows into Light” Group Coaching Journeys, which include Practitioner Training apprenticeships and Visionary Retreats.

Omanisa has written and self-published a range of therapeutic card and book sets, including the Aura Cards and the Spirit Guide Oracle Cards. She also has a range of chakra tonics/kits and aura sprays which are slowly being added to the shop.

All Services are available both online via Zoom and onsite at Om’s clinic. Our time zone is ACST (Australian Central Standard Time) and our booking system automatically calculates the time difference so you can book in your own time zone. 

These group coaching journeys teach you how to harness the power of Spirit Medicine for greater mental clarity, peace of mind, and emotional calm. Learn how to release blocks, overcome self-sabotage, heal yourself and access your intuitive wisdom, or become a Spirit Medicine Practitioner!