Om’s Wildflower Book

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This book began as a diary of a journey I took with my husband in 2012, throughout outback Central Australia, six months after my grandmother died. Visiting places I’d explored with my grandmother in childhood, I re-discovered the beautiful wildflowers she had photographed and written about in her book “Wildflowers and Plants of Inland Australia”.

When I returned transformed from this three-week spiritual pilgrimage through remote Australia, I began writing a diary. At first, my diary entries were about the healing connection I had made with each wildflower spirit, but as time passed I found myself writing about Grandma, my childhood and our family history.

The first limited edition of this book and the accompanying card set have been very popular with my students in particular, who love being able to shuffle and select a card at random, while asking which flower spirit might be able to support them with healing, and then referring to the book for more information.

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