Healing Classes

Healing Classes

Omanisa runs 7 psychic healing classes for local students. Each class consists of 3-4 students who meet once monthly for a 90 min class (you only need to join one class, more than this is optional). Class content is organic, shaping itself in response to the needs of the students present. Advanced students learn alongside beginners. Students can start and end their apprenticeship at any stage. Class times are flexible to suit the students. New classes are created in response to demand, and spaces in existing classes become available from time to time. Omanisa needs back-up students for those times when regulars cannot attend, and is planning to create an on-line class for distant students. Cost is $30-40 per month, depending on class size.


I have spaces in the following psychic healing classes:

Monday 13th May 10am
Wednesday 15th May 3.30pm
Thursday 23rd May 9am

I also need back up people for my Friday morning classes.


Each class evolves with the students and tends to have its own unique flavour and routine, but in most classes, we start with the Aura Cards. The Aura Cards help students practise their chakra theory, as well as providing them with opportunities to develop and practise their spiritual counselling skills.

After using the Aura Cards, we move into the healing room, and students take turns on the table. Students learn from receiving, giving and observing healing. Omanisa supervises, offering support, feedback and guidance. From time to time she teaches specific techniques, always with a view towards helping students develop their own unique approach to healing.

A major emphasis is placed on psychic self-care. The Psychic self-care skills include ‘self-before-client’, grounding, centring, clearing, connecting, disconnecting, and boundaries. We also discuss and explore the use of psychic perception and intent. Advanced classes are given the opportunity to work with real clients, as a healing team.

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