The rule of three- training via repetition

I was talking to a friend today about her desire to become a spiritual healer. She was having trouble finding a teacher in her part of the world that she felt comfortable with, so I reminded her of the value of ‘inner teachers’; spirit guides and invisible friends who take us under their wing and guide our training. It is useful as a spiritual student to have helpers in both our inner and outer worlds.

My training as a healer and spiritual counselor has come from both inner and outer guides. I have had some wonderful mentors along the way, but the ones closest to my heart are the ones I work with every day, my inner guides, or ‘spirit’ guides. These invisible friends train me through synchronistic repetition. They draw my attention to patterns they want me to recognise and learn from by repeating them in close proximity, thus ‘the rule of three’.

If I see an aura pattern once, I might not even understand what I am seeing. I need repetition to place it in context, study it from different angles and reinforce the learning. If I see a pattern twice, I can overlay these two experiences and draw comparisons. Seeing it three times consecutively usually gives me an aha! moment and a little shiver of delight because I know this is ‘training’, especially designed for me by my beloved team of invisible helpers.

I never fail to find delight in synchronicity, or the way events cluster, making ‘coincidence’ seem magically more than coincidence. I just pulled an Aura Card spread for myself and I can see a pattern. In fact, I can see two patterns, the first of which is that Spirit appears to be putting me through a new training program to do with the art of Aura Card reading. There have been many repetitions of new patterns I haven’t seen before, over the past week, all to do with card layouts.

Second, is the realisation that this is the third time in a row that when selecting Aura Cards for the sacral chakra position in the Aura Layout, two cards have ‘accidently’ been pulled out together. I can’t remember what the first two cards were, but in the last spread the two cards had a similar energy. One was Synchronicity Pink, the other was Surrender Purple, both very spiritual cards with the common theme being ‘have faith’. Together, they might read as ‘have faith in divine timing’.

That makes me look down at this current spread and wonder what the commonalities are between these two cards. They are both warm colours. One is Courage Orange, the other is Creative Red. These two colours are often found together in the aura, because Courage Orange is like a little ember that reignites our inner fire after it has gone out, and Creative Red is one of the colours that flares up in the aura afterwards, representing an inner fire restored.

This reminds me of a recent list of passions I wrote. One of the passions was “The courage to be creatively adventurous and innovative”. Perhaps this is a new fire igniting in my belly, a fire that will indeed help me feel the fear and do it anyway, a fire that will help me ‘bust loose’!

Whether there is any extra meaning to finding two cards/colours in the belly or sacral position at the same time, I’m uncertain. I can meditate on this, along with my creative courage colours and perhaps there will be further repetition to help me refine my understanding.

Have you had any repetition in your life over the past few days or weeks? Perhaps your invisible friends, your spirit guides, or even life itself, is attempting to communicate with you somehow. Looking for patterns and synchronicity can be a lot of fun, so long as we don’t get carried away and start psychoanalyzing and looking for deeper meaning in everything. Sometimes life just is. Staying present in the moment is, after all, very special!

Blessed Be