Clairsentience – psychic empathy

Feeling – Clairsentience

Feeling energy is called clairsentience. I also call this empathy or emotional imagination. When I feel energy I can feel movement, temperature, texture and mood with my own body, sometimes as though I were the other person. This ability is useful for picking up on emotions, physical illness, personality traits and relationship issues. While clairsentience is one of the easiest abilities to use, it is the most difficult to manage in terms of maintaining personal boundaries. It is, however, an excellent ability to have if you want to counsel or heal.

To Strengthen your Clairsentience 

To enhance clairsentience,  imagine what it would feel like to walk in another person’s shoes. Practice mirroring other people’s facial expressions and body-language to get a sense for how they might be feeling. Imagine shape-shifting into other animals and parts of nature during creative visualisation for personal guidance and the gaining of ‘nature wisdom’. Natural clairsentients readily pick up on information recorded in the space around and within objects so try reading jewellery, rooms, buildings, cars, etc.- not just people. During meditation, expand your aura or your Heart Chakra until you become one with All That Is. Study Buddhism and other philosophies that encourage compassion for all living beings.

Switching on

Simply imagine you are the other person, spirit or whatever/whoever it is you are trying to communicate with. Imagine feeling what they are feeling. Make a heart-to-heart connection with the energy you are communicating with by opening up your heart and flowing a channel of energy from your heart to theirs. Imagine merging, or shape-shifting into the other persons energy-field. You can even do this with objects- clairsentient people tend to personify (give human character to) everything!

Clairsentient Exercises

Exercise One – Basic Clairsentience

Look around you and allow your eyes to be drawn to a colour that seems to call to you. How does it make you feel? What part of your body can you feel it in? How would you feel if you were that colour? If someone was wearing this colour, how would you feel about them? What does the colour remind you of? See if you can make a story based on feelings using this colour and the things it makes you think of.

Choose a second colour and repeat the exercise. Once you have done this, look at both colours together. Picture them in your mind, side by side. How do the colours make you feel? Again, use the combined colours to make a story based on feelings. This can be the beginning of creating your own language of colour. Do this exercise regularly and keep a colour journal in which to record your experiences.

This article is from Omanisa’s book “Aura Colours Therapy”- to read more about Clairsentience, or to find out more about the other psychic abilities (eg clairallience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience etc), have a look at Om’s website or purchase her Aura Colour Therapy book.