Desert Heath Myrtle on the Sandy Blight Rd

Desert Myrtle MedicineImage

Desert Health Myrtle made my neck feel longer, almost as though it were helping me stretch out the kinks and compressions in my spine. Then I found myself rotating my head around in each direction, slowly, as though scanning the environment around me. It reminded me of what our blind owl Zing does- it’s almost as though she can turn her head all the way around and ‘look’ over her own shoulder at you. Really, she’s listening to the entire room to get a sense for what is where and who is doing what.

Desert Heath Myrtle brought a beautiful silence with her, full of soft, gentle nature sounds. Even when connecting with her later at home in my residential environment, the sounds of humanity faded softly into the background and seemed to disappear. She cast a sweet spell of silence over my neighbourhood, allowing me to rest my senses, finally, after struggling to contend with the noises of suburbia after being out in the bush for a few weeks.

Heath Myrtle made time slow down and she helped me to listen to my spine. By moving and stretching while listening to my spine, I found I could counterbalance the areas of excess use and harmonise them with other, lazier areas. Then she showed me a rope of energy in the front of my body, slightly of front of my physical body, in front of my chest and throat. It had that lovely twisted, entwined effect that rope does. I noticed it went up through my jaw, through my third eye area and out through the front part of the crown of my head. Again, the primary focus was on my neck area.

I found myself stalking; first standing in one spot and turning slowly in a circle, scanning my environment with my senses.  Then I would move to a different position and do the same. Then I started ranging out in a loop, as thought travelling on the outer rim of an invisible circle. I was keenly aware of the balance of my body, as though walking a tightrope. I also recognised certain ‘power places’, places where it felt very good and strengthening to stand and turn. I found if I moved my hips in a circular manner while turning, I was able to draw energy from my environment, into my body.

I’m asking her now, to tell me what her medicine is:

“I will help you see, feel and experience the world around you in new ways. But first, you must take stock, be alert, and become very aware of the way in which you currently see-feel-experience. There are little stagnant places in your being that I can help you awaken. Little places that are asleep in you. My energy is like soft lightening, I blast you awake, but I do it gently and carefully.”

“Habitually, there are certain directions you tend not to face, and in so doing, you cut yourself off from parts of your power and inner being. You must know all of you, before you can roam widely with awareness through the inner and outer planes. What you do not know, is cut off from you, by a lack of awareness in your senses. Entirely aspects of reality exist within and around you without you ever knowing, because you have gone dead in places inside you.”

I am a turning twisting energy. I can get into tight places and unlock them, I can reconnect those parts of you that have disconnected, I can help you take that next difficult step and push back against inertia. When you twist and turn, you squeeze your muscles, bringing them to life and squeezing stagnancy out of them. I teach you how to do this carefully, gradually and strategically, so you can awaken one vertebra at a time, one inch at a time, one step at a time.”

Blessed Be