My nature spirit teachers – part 1

On a recent trip through central Australia, my country, my place of birth, spirit spoke to me. We travelled 6000 km and travelled through 15 communities but there was only one place that reached out and said hello. I was curious as to why it was that particular place that spoke to me, so when I got home, I reached out and reconnected. I remembered that the voice had come from the mountain. I wasn’t sure if it was the mountain itself, a cave, or some flowers on the other side, but now as I write this, I hear a voice telling me it was ‘the spirit of the land’. I asked the voice why this place connected with me:

“Because this is your place. It’s the best place for you, where you resonate with the land and the female earth energy. It’s the best place for you now, not always, but now. Come visit and we will talk with you, teach you. We know you and have worked with you before. Some places in Australia will talk to you because they recognise you. You’ve been allowed access to some layers/levels of knowledge-wisdom because of who you are and your history.”

Then the voice said “Warrego”. Later, when I looked this up on google it said this word means ‘river of sand’. Growing up in Alice I spent a lot of time in rivers of sand and when I was a teenager I did a vision quest in a dry river bed. I love rivers of sand.

After the voice said ‘Warrego”, it took me on a teaching/healing journey. It guided me to stretch my energy down into the earth and pull energy up. I had an image of drawing liquid energy up in a bucket, as though drawing water from a well. In my vision it was night time. Then spirit showed me how to angle the surface of the water to reflect the sky in just the right way..

“Now listen to your body”

I did so and noticed pain in my solar plexus, and tension in the right side of my jaw and temple.

“Turn your body now. We will teach you about direction, but we’ll do it in our own way.”

Spirit turned me to face 8 different directions, getting me to listen to my body as I did so. I found some directions felt really good. Others didn’t.


After I completed this task, Spirit rubbed mistletoe berry juice into my collarbone and a point on my belly, slightly above and to the left of my belly-button. They guided me into a specific breathing pattern and a doorway leading downwards opened up before me. I walked down the steps and found myself in a large cavern containing water. I saw an image of myself laying suspended in mid-air over the water in a pose that spoke of death and surrender. The cavern and the water was filled with crystals. I felt old energy coming into my body from the past and felt as though I was welcoming in, or reconnecting with, my ‘lonely self’. A mistletoe berry was placed in the centre of my throat chakra and I started to feel a great pain in my heart. An animal approached and began to dig and push at the pain. I looked to see what it was: warthog.

Later I did some research to learn more about warthog as this isn’t an animal I’m familiar with. Some keywords I found were courage, protection, ability to find truth, ability to sense danger, use of a fierce mask 

I wondered if this was more work to do with opening and strengthening my heart chakra. For most of this year, spirit has been working on getting me to ‘come out of my shell’, and let go of some of my heart chakra defences. At the same time, they have been working with me on becoming less sensitive, especially to criticism.

Reconnecting with my ‘lonely self’ must have been some kind of soul retrieval- it certainly felt that way. It’s extremely rare for me to feel lonely. I don’t crave other people’s company, I crave silence and time alone and yet strangely, during a dance therapy session at the beginning of the year, I had a moment of profound loneliness. It was such a strange feeling it took me awhile to name it. It was mixed with a paradoxical feeling of being invisible, and an awful feeling of everyone looking at me very unkindly and feeling about two inches high. I didn’t want to come out of my cave, and yet I knew I had to. The solution seemed to be to not have needs at all- to never need something from another person. Then it was bearable. I wonder if reconnecting with my lonely self might mean melting this mask?

Having said that, I’d much prefer to translate it as alone energy coming back to me. How blissful it would be to spend a week all by myself, in silence, with no-one to talk to! I was going to say, one can only dream, but really, if I want that so badly I think I should just arrange for it to be so. A retreat for one person. Why not?!

And so perhaps I will want to be around people if I finally get that deep peace and stillness my soul so yearns for.

Okay, back to the story:

Mistletoe came back and started clearing parasites from my body. I heard the statement “We are correcting the balance between co-existing entities”. Mistletoe was dancing through me, filtering, cleansing and revitalising. Then red mistletoe left and green mistletoe arrived. Green mistletoe did ceremony around me, with song. It told me:

“There are many ways of standing in the world. Allow yourself to be multifaceted. Celebrate and enjoy your individually. You contribute unique creations and perspectives.”

Then green mistletoe showed me how to draw earth energy from places i wouldn’t normally access.

“Tap into and celebrate the nectar of other realms, places, energies and people. Drink/taste from different cups. How does that add to the tapestry of who you are? This will add new colours, textures and complexity. Tap into and inject. Access and contribute.”

Then it hung me upside down and asked me to look at things upside down. It tapped on the bottom of my heart chakra and started talking to me about the use of tapping and rhythm in healing.

“By tapping two areas simultaneously, you can connect and harmonise them.”

Then it started tapping on my heart and throat chakra’s at the same time.

Green mistletoe left. There was silence for a while and then gum nuts arrived. I’ll tell you about them in part two!