Women’s power centres

I’ve recently been taught a little more by Spirit about the difference in women and men’s energy fields. I was already partially aware of this because I’ve noticed that men and women store their power differently (eg women store power in their ovaries &/or womb, whereas men seem to prefer the hara.) The first stage of this training came via my connection with a women’s flower at Areyonga in Central Australia. Here is a excerpt about this flower from the book I am writing about my flower journey through Central Australia:

FUCHSIA At Areyonga

Areyonga had a beauty that made my heart ache. Of all the places we travelled through, this was the only one that reached out and spoke to me, telling me “This is your place, where you resonate with the land and the female spirit energy of this earth.”

This connection was enhanced by my work with the fuchsia flower I found in Areyonga. This flower is a women’s flower and it helps women regather, and reconnect with, their power. It told me that the female aura is different from the male aura and each sex stores power and energy in different parts of the aura, in different ways. This flower medicine teaches women how to use, tone and re-energise their power centres.

I asked if it works with men and it said yes, it helps men access their female energy. It also helps men when they are on the verge of profound life change, especially if these changes involve fairly significant loss. This plant helps men make the most of these powerful opportunities for profound self-transformation, rather than letting them go to waste by staying stuck or giving up.

This remedy can be used by both sexes to resolve problems to do with the way male and female energy relate to one another, whether this is internal (occuring between your male and female inner selves) or external (occuring between you are others, or between other people around you).


The second phase of this teaching came during a visit from a female client. Spirit asked me to tell her that her ‘clitoris chakra’ had just awakened. I felt a bit shy telling her about this, but she knew exactly what I was talking about, because she’d had a very special sexual experience the night prior to our appointment. Spirit told me that this chakra centre sits in the space between the legs, just below the vagina. Spirit called it the ‘PI RA NA’, which I thought was pretty funny. This chakra is associated with higher chakras above the crown…as lower chakras open more deeply, higher ones open more widely. We expand and evolve in both directions. The opening of this chakra enables us to stay more present in the moment, to stretch time and to SAVIOR the moment. It also has a grounding function, where it grounds a sense of spirit connection into daily life.

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