Heket the Frog Goddess

Ever since I was a young child, I’ve been intrigued with mythology and ancient cultures. I can remember teaching myself how to read Egyptian hieroglyphics and when I was a teenager, I loved playing with my auntie Maggie’s Egyptian card and book set… I can’t remember for the moment what it was called.

And then in my twenties, I came across Egyptian rune stones and fell in love with them. As a result, I’ve come to know the Egyptian pantheon quite well. At the beginning of my healing training, Isis and Anubis were very special to me and they taught me a lot. At different times in my adult life, specific Gods and Goddesses have had a strong influence over me, and many of these have been Egyptian. (I also loved Greek and Roman God/desses as a child.)

For the past few weeks, I noticed Heket making herself felt. Heket is a frog Goddess. She was coming through in readings for clients and Green Tree Frogs were hanging around my clinic. Heket is gorgeous- she is a midwife/delivery Goddess and I associate her with spiritual quickening, the home, and rebirth. Prior to this, I had a lot of Bats hanging around. Hippo has also been making his presence felt.

Two days before the solar eclipse (Nov 2012, Darwin), I could feel Heket pulling on my consciousness, trying to get my attention. She wanted to talk with me. And finally, I had a complete day off all to myself without anyone else around. I immersed myself in the bliss of housework with music playing in the background and every now and then I would sit down to have a chat with Spirit, especially Heket.

Heket told me I was due for change, rebirth, transformation. A quickening was occurring within me.  She reached around behind me and hooked her fingers into the back of my channelling chakra. I’m not sure if anyone else knows this chakra? I’m often discovering/inventing chakras! The channelling chakra sits in the back of the upper part of the neck. Spirits ‘plug into’ it when they want to channel through us.

Not all the spirits who plug into this chakra are light-filled, I must admit. I don’t often do exorcisms, but on the odd occasion I’ve had to detach unfriendly energies from the channelling chakras of others during healing. I always replace these spirits with high frequency ones (eg angels), because high frequency energy protects us from low frequency energy.

I asked Heket what she was doing.

“I’m clearing gunk out of this chakra so that it is cleaner and clearer. This will improve the ‘signal’ you receive when we speak to you. I am also expanding this chakra. We want you to step up. It is time. You will now be able to hold ‘more’ of us.”

I asked her what this meant.

“You will be able to embody a larger portion of us when we connect with you to channel. This will make the channelling more succinct and ‘loud’…. or in other words, the channelling will become more authentic and real. Your connection with us will be stronger. You will also be able to access spirits you could not previously access because they were too ‘large.’ Lastly, your discernment will be refined. You are already very aware of the difference between your own voice and the voice of Spirit- this will become even clearer”

I was really surprised when Heket said I could share this information. So often I’m told “No- sacred business, no sharing.” I have no idea why this is any different from anything else. But within reason, you do get to a point where the trust relationship is so strong, you do what you are advised and accept what you are told, without too much questioning and arguments!

Oh I remember what Maggie’s Egyptian deck was now: it was the ‘Cartouche’.