Si, the Crescent Moon Goddess

photo-11I was recently in Canberra with my mother, viewing the ‘Gold and the Incas’ exhibition at the National Gallery. On the evening of the second day, I reached out and spoke to spirit because I was feeling intensely moved by the plight of cows. I recognised that driven, almost obsessive feeling; in the past it had been stimulated by guides were were stirring my passion in order to draw me down particular pathways aligned with my higher purpose.

“Okay Spirit. If any one of you is responsible for my cow obsession, please step forward and make yourself known!”

From behind the usual crew of helpers, a new figure emerged. She was small, female and dark, as though standing in shadows.

“Who are you?”, I asked?

“I am a crescent moon Goddess. You won’t easily find me if you research. I am ancient.”

She showed me a sickle, a curved blade used for cutting sacred herbs, and she showed me how this shape was the same as the shape of the crescent moon and the curve created by a cows horns. She also showed me an image of a cow with spiralling horns. When I asked her to tell me more about herself and the sickle, this is what she said:

“I will help you cut away all that is old in your life. I help people cut away excess. I am here because you called me. You want to help the cows; so do I. They are my sacred creature. I care for them and they me. We are sisters. The cows horns carry me.”

The next day, I was astonished to find a crescent moon Goddess in the exhibition. It was a very old ceramic statue. Her name was ‘Si’ and she was riding a creature…probably a moon animal. Moon animals were mythical beings in Andean culture, much like chimeras; an imaginary mix of different animals blended together. This statue was from the Chimu’ people, dated between 110-1470 AD. Unlike many of the other Andean cultures (who loved gold), the Chimu people preferred to use Silver in their metal-work. In Andean cultures Gold represent the masculine and was associated with the sun, whereas Silver represented the feminine and was linked with night time and the moon.

Later that night, I spent some more time with Si. I really liked her personality. She was old and gentle, but she seemed to have a youthful lightness and a quick-witted sharpness to her demeanour. She stood in the shadows, but somehow radiated a light that lifted my mood. She used her sickle to carve new shapes into my aura and she helped me find my own sacred sickle within; there were two of them and she adjusted them so that they aligned perfectly with one another, one on each side of my body. The bottom tips of these crescent moons rested on my hips and the upper tips clicked into a special divot in my shoulders. They seem to swivel when I heal. I’m not sure exactly what they are for…. maybe they just help me cut things away with ease.

Since coming come I’ve noticed a change in my healing work. The healings are gentle but so much more powerful. And it isn’t just me noticing- lots of comments from my clients. Everything seems easier. I reach effortlessly in past layers of complexity in the aura without hesitating. My grip on blockages is firmer and my capacity to unlock stuck energy has vastly improved.

The day after I came home I went to see a new friend who sketches spirit guides. Her name is Gisela. Gisela drew my new friend Si, with her curved cow horns. She has earth globes for eyes and a single tear drips from one of her eyes. Gisela talked about Si being a balance of light and shadow, a maiden Goddess who understands the power of simple but powerful actions that can create ripple effects in the world around us. Via Gisela, Si asked me to come back to myself and my heart. This is exactly what my compassion-for-the-cows journey has been about; reconnecting with my inner child’s empathic love for Mother Nature and all her creatures. I had to shut this down when I was younger in order to cope, but I think I now have the strength to open back up to this part of who I am. Since beginning to do this, I have been crying more often than usual, out of sadness for my fellow beings. Last night I burst into tears while discussing the plight of homeless people with my husband! But I have also being finding deeper wells of joy and humour within me too.

And now, a few days later, I have been delighted to find an email from my mother. When we were together in Canberra, she said she wanted to connect with Si too, because she likes her sickle for cutting away the excess in our lives. When we first discovered Si, mum said “But how do I talk to her?”.

“With your imagination mum, just like how you talk to your other spirit guides.”

Her face lit up. “Oh! Like how I talk with the rock spirits!”

I’m so glad mum is talking to Si, because she is a brilliant channel and she has brought through the loveliest information about her. It validates my intuitive sense that Si is behind this change in my healing style, and it helps me to know her better. Here is what mum wrote:

“When Omi and I went to the Inca Exhibition we both met the ancient spirit guide “Si” and connected to her. She is the Yin, and represents the Moon and all things feminine. The crescent moon is her sign and she prefers it this way – like a smile! She is the Light in the dark of the night. The Glimmer of Hope in the Darkness.

She represents mystery and hidden things. Something hidden behind something hidden, behind another and another. Layers upon layers upon layers, cloaked for the Finder to Find. Like a pattern in a weaving hiding another pattern and another. Like layers of an onion peeled back slowly to reveal yet another surprise. This is what she can help us with – Revealing the secrets of the soul – layer upon layer upon layer . Awakening me to myself, to my souls secrets! so many there are…

I felt such a strong connection to all the weavings and embroidery we saw in the exhibition. I remembered that I was a weaver in a past life. Weaving is in my blood, in my soul and brings a light to my darkness.

It Lifts my spirits. Lifts my Spirit….”

At the exhibition, right next to the Si ceramic there were some weavings we both fell in love with. We spent a lot of time drawing them. I felt an emotional ‘thud’ of energy wham into my chest when I saw one of them. I felt like I had made it myself. Mum and I are both weavers. Mum taught me to weave when I was a child and lately I have been weaving again, after many years of not weaving at all. My power animal is the spider, a weaver extraordinaire. In the past few months I have been a little bit crazy about weaving, crocheting, knitting and now braiding. I love working with threads in the aura too- untangling them, re-weaving them, removing broken and frayed threads and so on.

I am feeling really grateful for my connection with spirit, my beautiful family and this incredible planet we live on. With Si riding beside me on her ‘moon-animal’, perhaps together we can raise some awareness about the connections between all of nature- the invisible threads that connect us all together as One.

Blessed Be