2015-05-12 17.13.17There are some new sketches in the Spirit Guide Gallery and one of my favourites is Khepri, the Egyptian Sun God. Khepri is an aspect of Ra. He is thought to be one of the oldest Egyptian Gods, and was eventually integrated in with Ra, as the morning sunlight. As you can see, Khepri has an unusual head! This is because he is a scarab beetle, a nice way to say ‘dung beetle’. Scarab beetles were thought to roll the sun across the sky each day, just as dung beetles roll balls of dung across the earth. Here are some photographs showing the progression of the sketch as it developed:

2015-05-11 22.46.322015-05-11 23.17.522015-05-12 11.54.33


  1. Thank you! It was lovely to work with pen and pencil for a change instead of chalks. I adore line work. Black pens are probably my favourite art tool!

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