Brown in the Aura

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Brown is the structural foundation of the aura, and earthy grounding energy flows down through the legs and feet, anchoring us into our body and the earth. This provides us with a sense of ‘home’, security, support and stability.

Brown teaches us the wisdom of caution and planning ahead. Under the influence of this colour we learn to pace ourselves, and to know ourselves via our connection with family, ancestry, tribe.


Brown aura frequencies are generated by the base chakra, earth chakra and feet chakras. Our feet chakras are minor chakra extensions of the base chakra, connecting or anchoring the base of our chakra system with the earth via our personal earth chakra. The earth chakra is positioned below our feet, in the earth, which is our larger body. The earth chakra could be likened to the belly button of the Earth Mother, our portal via which we can access stabilising, nourishing, supportive and strengthening energy from our mother body, whilst also discharging or ‘earthing’ excess energy.


Too much brown in the aura reflects an over-active base chakra. This pattern is associated with fearful, unadventurous, materialistic, stubborn, closed-minded, and over-cautious attitudes and behaviours. A brown aura frequency that tends towards excess is Conservative Brown, the grandfather of the brown colour frequency.

A lack of brown in the aura can reflect a blocked or under-active base chakra. This pattern can be associated with a vague, impractical, dreamy, unfocused personality who either rushes into things blindly or procrastinates without taking constructive action. If you would like to become more grounded, consider working with Om’s Grounding meditation. 

A healthy balance of brown in the aura is found in those who are patient, cautious, stable, resourceful, conservative, enduring, safe, and practical. For an insight into balanced brown aura colours, read Home Brown, or Investment Brown.


For more comprehensive information about ‘Brown’ people and excess or lack patterns, read Om’s blog about brown people. 

If your grounding seems unbalanced while doing the Grounding Meditation, you might want to read this blog about unbalanced grounding.

The other colour linked to the base chakra is red. A classic red-brown mixed aura frequency pattern is an aura colour Om calls Father Brown.