Psychic self-protection and boundaries

How do I care for my psychic space, in terms of keeping it clear and clean and protected from low frequency energy in the world around me? And why won’t you ever hear me using the term psychic attack?

I’ll answer the last question first….

Just the phrase itself, “psychic attack” will light up areas of your brain to do with feeling threatened, and change your behaviour in ways that emphasise your perception of feeling separate from others in negative ways. Just reading the word ‘attack’ will press your limbic buttons, shut down the parts of your brain that help you control anger and fear (the anterior cingulate and striatum) and put your amygdala on the alert, generating a fight or flight response that spreads throughout your entire body.

What’s wrong with this? Well, if there is any actual attack, I’d say this it is. We attack and corrode our own health on all levels when we become stressed in this manner, especially when the stress is chronic and habitual, which definitely happens with people who tend to be on the alert for psychic attack.

If you aren’t much interested in neuroscience, let me explain the same phenomenon from my perspective as an aura reader and healer. As soon as you decide that your existing boundaries aren’t strong enough to protect you from the ill-wishing and psychic negativity of a persecutor, you give your power away and your auric frequency drops. Whether the psychic attack is real or not, the end outcome is the same, because when your frequency drops, your energy levels drop, your mental clarity disappears, your thinking becomes negative, your emotions become fragile and/or erratic, and you may feel unwell. If you were ever going to vulnerable to the negative energy of another person or situation, it’s when your frequency drops, but really, you are doing their job for them by poisoning yourself with negative thoughts, beliefs and stories.

Hate and resentment towards others poisons us in the same way. It’s your aura, brain and body that is being immersed in the negativity and stress of your thoughts, feeling and beliefs. And this essentially is my point: who does ill-wishing harm? The person who is doing it. And the person who believes they are vulnerable to it. It can’t hurt you if you don’t give it your time of day and you do the good work of looking after yourself by keeping your frequency high and your boundaries healthy.

The Wicca community have a beautiful way of understanding this truth: “What you put out comes back to you three-fold.” Real men and women of power don’t wish harm on others because their training and experience tells them that it’s not only a waste of valuable time and energy, it does us more harm than it does anyone else. The ultimate meditation experiences always show us how we are all connected as One, so why would we want to hurt another? And personally, I can think of many better things to do with my time and energy than to fixate negatively on another person, whether as a victim or a persecutor.

How do I care for my boundaries and my frequency state?

I care for my boundaries by taking responsibility for them. Every day, in every way, I am stalking myself (rather than stalking others or worrying about being stalked by others), keeping a sharp eye on my own behaviour and choices. In every moment I am being faced with choices that either strengthen or weaken the intelligence and integrity of my personal boundaries. To have healthy boundaries I need to know myself, my values and my limits. I set healthy boundaries for myself when I eat healthy food, get enough sleep and meet my own expectations regarding personal responsibilities. I communicate my personal boundaries clearly to others, so that if they violate my boundaries, it isn’t because they didn’t know what they were in the first place.

And if someone does violate my personal boundaries I take constructive action. Each unique situation calls for a unique response. My boundaries need to be flexible, adaptive and intelligent, otherwise I will tend to habitually be either too open and trusting or too closed and guarded.

Even in psychic self-care, we don’t walk around with ten-foot-thick bullet-proof walls around us constantly, because otherwise we will be cut off from the world around us, unable to connect and receive in nourishing ways. Good boundaries are a fluid balance between empathic connection, the buddhist concept of non-attachment, and some healthy base-chakra self-preservation instincts.

As a psychic healer, I am daily checking on my boundaries, using creative imagination (psychic perception and intent) to make sure they are healthy and balanced. The boundaries meditation on this site gives you an insight into some of the methods used.

What about keeping your aura frequency high?

Again, sleep, health food etc are important. We need to take care of our physical body, our mental body, our emotional body and our spiritual body to keep our auric frequency high enough to protect ourselves from low frequency energy. High frequency energy is like a beautiful glowing light of wellbeing that melts away shadowy low frequency energy long before it can take hold in your aura.

Some of my favourite activities for keeping my auric frequency healthy are:

*Practising gratitude, meditating on love, performing acts of kindness towards others, forgiving (letting go of negativity towards) myself and others

*Looking for the beauty within myself, others and the world around me

*Spending time with my inner child and helping her feel happy and loved

*Eating beautiful food from my garden that is alive and grown with love

*Spending time with my spirit guides, angels, fairy friends, etc

*Spending time in nature

*Spending time with people I love

*Receiving regular healings from other practitioners

Essentially, I stay connected to sources of nourishment and support. 

What are your sources of nourishment and support?


But what about when all of this good self-care fails me? My boundaries/protection self-care can fail me when I am under extreme stress, when I haven’t been looking after my boundaries properly (e.g. taking too much on), or on those very rare occasions when someone else’s fear/paranoia infects my aura (again, this is my responsibility: it doesn’t happen when my mind and boundaries are in a good place).

My body gives me little warning signs when my boundaries are weakening and my frequency is dropping, like arthritic pain in my hands, or a sore throat. How does your body communicate with you? I also notice that my head either gets foggy or it repeats things over and over again, like conversations or lyrics from songs. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was the whole song, but the same two lines repeated over and over again?! Ha! Not fun. If it gets really bad, my thoughts and feelings start to take on a very negative tone.

What happens to your mind, when your aura frequency drops and your boundaries are getting fuzzy?

It’s definitely much easier to maintain a high frequency and healthy boundaries than it is to restore  this state once it’s collapsed, but we are all human, even those of us with training, and crashes do happen. And once you are in a low frequency state, it’s very difficult to find the mental strength and clarity needed to wield your psychic intent with any kind of power, so ritual and external help becomes very important. You almost have to hypnotise your inner child into believing he/she is safe again! (faith and belief is what empowers our psychic intent)

Here’s some tricks I use to prevent a crash when I can feel a wobble in stability, or to recover myself if I crash:

*Smudging myself and your space with sage. Even better if my husband does it for me!

*Using an Aura Spray. My favourite for the feeling of being swamped in low-frequency negativity is fine-leafed hibberita. It’s saved me from torturous paranoia and negativity more than once! I also like using fringed violet, and the gem elixirs black tourmaline, chiastolite, kunzite.

*Going to other healers for help and support.

*Taking time off or going on a holiday.

*Spending time in nature.

*Simplifying life by focusing on cleansing and clearing my body and my environment (e.g. I might henna my hair, weed the garden and pretend I’m weeding my mind, clean and tidy my room, or spring clean the house)

*Distracting myself by having great conversations with people I love, or reading good books.

*Making sure I’m not deficient in a nutrient i.e. checking on my diet

What self-rescue plan do you have in place for those inevitable moments when you crash?