Audio Meditations


“Here are a range of audio meditations. You can listen to them on my site for free, and if you love them, contact us and arrange to purchase your own copy that you can download and keep using. 

I’ve grouped these according to theme. Choose between the four categories below, and click the link to find a meditation suited to you.

Blessings, Om”

photo-53 copy 2Self-Care Meditations for your Aura

These are the auric self-care techniques I teach my students and clients: grounding, centring, clearing, boundaries, sanctuary. And for those who want to balance their chakra, the chakra meditation.

2015-04-19 12.32.17Guided Healing Journeys

These guided meditations use therapeutic story-telling to engage the magical inner child within. Blending imagery with multi-sensory imagination, healing journeys take us deep into the mind-body to facilitate healing changes via the power of the mind.

Screenshot 2015-06-07 17.24.34Spirit Guide Meditation

This meditation was a gift I made for anyone and everyone, to help them connect with their spirit guide/s.


IMG_1746Shamanic Song Healing

Shamanic healing songs, sung by my spirit guides. Meditate on the sounds, to receive the healing from Spirit.

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