Aura Colours

Omanisa’s understanding of aura colours is derived from years of training from spirit and extensive research in the field. Omanisa has read thousands of aura’s over the past 23 years and every aura teaches her something new about colour frequencies and the aura. The following information gives you insight into Om’s mind-body associations between aura colours, chakras, personality, behaviour, and the energy field.


The brown energy of the Base Chakra is an earthy energy that flows down through the legs and feet to anchor into the earth. This provides us with grounding. Grounding anchors us into material reality and the physical body, providing us with a sense of ‘home’, security, support and stability. Some people associate brown with a chakra that sits under the feet, called the Earth Chakra. I simply see this as an extension of the Base Chakra.

Balanced Brown:

Patient, cautious, stable, resourceful, conservative, enduring, safe, practical.

Excessive Brown:

Fearful, unadventurous, materialistic, stubborn, closed minded, over cautious.

Blocked Brown:

Vague, impractical, dreamy, unfocused, rushing ahead or procrastinating.


Red Base Chakra energy flames upwards through the chakra system to empower and activate the aura, rather than anchoring it down. This imagery is associated with the idea of kundalindi energy; a fiery, sexual, snake-like energy stored at the base of the spine. Compared with the cautiousness of earthy brown energy, red fire energy is daring and warrior-like with strong survival-of-the-fittest instincts.

Balanced Red:

Decisive, active, passionate, assertive, strong, independent, powerful, bold.

Excessive Red:

Impatient, competitive, aggressive, impulsive, ambitious, power hungry.

Blocked Red:

Too ‘nice’, overly apologetic, depressed, exhausted, hesitant, dependant.


The Orange Sacral Chakra or ‘Belly-Chakra’ as I sometimes call it, is positioned in the belly below the belly button. Associated with the hips, pelvis, lower back, knees, belly and reproductive organs, the Sacral Chakra governs childbirth, reproduction and sexual pleasure. Unlike the earth and fire connotations associated with the Base Chakra, the Belly Chakra is more fluid, with a liquid warmth that flows like water. I often imagine orange sunset reflected on water to get the feel for this chakra.

Balanced Orange:

Adaptable, flexible, playful, creative, adventurous, spontaneous, warm.

Excessive Orange:

Indulgent, lazy, mischievous, lacking direction, commitment phobic.

Blocked Orange:

Over serious, rigid, strict, disapproving, martyred, resentful, self denying.


The Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra sits higher in the abdomen, above the belly button in the space where the lower ribs flare open. The Yellow sunlight energy of this chakra is associated with the mind or intellect, self-esteem and a positive attitude towards life. How well we ‘digest’ an idea or experience determines the health of this chakra. Any stress caused by difficulty processing an experience will negatively impact the body systems associated with this chakra, namely the nervous system and upper digestive organs such as the stomach and liver.

Balanced Yellow/Gold:

Inspired, original, confident, positive, extroverted, dazzling, happy.

Excessive Yellow/Gold:

Ruminative, anxious, overly analytical and intellectual, egotistical.

Blocked Yellow/Gold:

Low self esteem, low confidence, insecurity, timidity, shame.


Green represents the Heart Chakra’s instinctual love for harmony, healing and nature. This colour always makes me think of the calming influence of nature. My favourite green images are of beautiful forest glades with dappled light coming through the trees. I love the quiet and the sense of interconnectedness I feel when I’m with nature.

Balanced Green:

Peaceful, calm, self sufficient, generous, connected with nature, healing.

Excessive Green:

Martyred, guilty, self sacrificing, burned out, enmeshed with others.

Blocked Green:

Jealous, resentful, antisocial, miserly, mean, untrusting, manipulative, cold.


Pink helps us explore issues to do with love, gentleness and vulnerability. Pink is particularly useful for opening our heart so we can more easily give and receive love. This takes courage because we risk being emotionally hurt in the process. The softness and beauty of pink flower petals is the image I usually focus on to help me tune into this chakra colour.

Balanced Pink:

Gentle, sweet, soft, open, loving, vulnerable, interdependent, compassionate.

Excessive Pink:

Naïve, overly sweet, hopeless romantic, too nice, too emotionally vulnerable.

Blocked Pink:

Tough, strong, independent, warrior-like, emotionally closed, invulnerable.


The Throat Chakra is a light blue or turquoise colour. Positioned in the throat, this chakra governs communication and self-expression and is linked to the functioning of the throat, neck, ears and respiratory system. I associate this chakra with air, wind and sky, partly because sound travels through air and the respiratory system is all about breath. I also use beautiful sounds from nature when I work with this chakra, such as the sound of bird song and flowing water.

Balanced Blue:

Sensitive, just, honest, observant, objective, creative, artistic, expressive.

Excessive Blue:

Opinionated, judgemental, cold, sharp, hard, blunt, self righteous, distant.

Blocked Blue:

Mute, not expressing feelings and opinions, timidity, blocked creativity.


Most sources associate the Brow Chakra or Third Eye, as it is otherwise known, with the indigo blue ray of the rainbow. Indigo blue is a deep purplish blue. Personally, I tend to see images of the universe when I look at this chakra, painting me a mental scene of dark blue filled swirling purple galaxies and the twinkle of silver stars. This chakra is positioned on the forehead, between the eyebrows, or slightly higher and is linked to either the pituitary gland, the eyes, forehead and sinuses.

Balanced Silver/Indigo:

Mystical, psychic, facing fears, looking deep into oneself, seeing light in darkness.

Excessive Silver/Indigo:

Secretive, ungrounded, traumatised, haunted by fears, bad memories, nightmares.

Blocked Silver/Indigo:

Unimaginative, judging a book by its cover, closed minded, literal thinker.


The Crown Chakra is usually depicted in purple or white with a lotus flower being its traditional symbol. Many people call refer to this purple-white mix as violet. Situated on the top of the head, this chakra is associated with spiritual enlightenment and our connection with spirit. Physically, the Crown Chakra is associated with the brain and the pineal gland.

Balanced Purple/White:

Spiritual, having faith, connected with and trusting in a higher power.

Excessive Purple/White:

Ungrounded, unstable, blind faith, spiritual crisis and emergencies.

Blocked Purple/White:

Cynical, jaded, martyred, arrogant, lacking faith, burdened, controlling.


Grey drains colour from the aura, rather than adding to it. This muting of colour can be positive because it tones down excessive extroversion and energy output. But in many instances, it can indeed be considered negative because it robs the aura of life and vibrancy.

Balanced Grey:

Realistic, introspective, reflective, humble, quiet, hardened, disciplined.

Excessive Grey:

Depressed, pessimistic, hardened, drained, exhausted, unfeeling, cruel.

Blocked Grey:

Extroverted, optimistic, energetic, expressive, vibrant, colourful.

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