Omanisa has been coaching and teaching people for over 20 years and has a range of sessions dedicated to one-on-one coaching, training and mentoring:


Learn how to read tarot/oracle cards, the aura, etc. Learn the art of psychic reading or “clairvoyancy” as it is more popularly known. Om can tailor her training to your personal needs and your current level of development.


Om has trained over 100 healers over her 20+ years as a psychic healer. She teaches healers how to develop their psychic perception and intent, their psychic self-care practices, and good business practices for those who wish to switch from hobby to professional healer. Om provides training in a broad range of healing tools and skills and is good at healing student identify their strengths. Both beginners and advanced are equally welcome to book in for training.


Omanisa is a plant-based holistic naturopath who loves working with herbal medicine and plant-based whole food nutrition. In these consultations Om helps you make positive, sustainable changes to your diet, behaviour and general self-care. What is self-care? For a deeper insight into what these sessions can include, check out the Self-Care page.