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Learn how to use your Attention, Intention & Intuition to heal yourself and build self-awareness. Harness the power of your mind’s inner Light.

Set yourself free!

The MindLight Journey teaches you how to use a blend of mindfulness, meditation and psychic awareness to communicate with your body, subconscious and Ki (Prana/energy). Om will show you how to uncover the deeper emotional and psychological patterns contributing to your illness, burnout, self-sabotage or feeling of being stuck. MindLight helps you develop healthier self-care habits and release the blockages that are holding you back.

“Know Thyself” was the first phrase written over the gateway at Apollo’s the sun God’s temple at Delphi, where people would come seeking wise guidance. You have a powerful internal guidance system. Shadows into Light teaches you how to access this inner wisdom by listening inwards, being there for yourself and harnessing the power of your attention. Self-awareness and intuition go hand in hand: as you uncover the light in one, you uncover the light in the other. Intuition grows when we do the work of self-inquiry and self-reflection.

This version of the MindLight course is for subscription students, with lessons released one at a time).