Online Shop Terms and Conditions

Shipping Conditions:

We will endeavour to mail your remedy or card and book set to you as soon as possible, but being a small family based business with a slow pace, it may sometimes take a few days before we’re able to get to the post office. Usually, it takes between 3-10 days for delivery, depending on when we get to the post office and what postage method is used.

PLEASE NOTE: At this stage we cannot post glass and alcohol-based remedies overseas so our naturopathic products are only available in Australia.


No refunds on services (you can pay at the time of booking or after the consult). We’ll refund any shipped product that is broken in transit, so long as you contact us about this within two weeks of purchasing.


Your privacy will be protected and none of your personal information will be shared with third parties. We need to gather information during bookings so we have contact details and an emergency contact person. And when you purchase from the website, you’ll be asked for address details, even when the product is virtual, just because this is how Woocommerce (the program that enables the shopfront) functions. We just have to humour it’s quirks, (I haven’t found a way around that yet)… because this is the only way we can give you access to our courses.