Spirit Guides

Did you ever have an invisible friend as a child? Spirit guides are the invisible friends we have in adulthood, non-physical companions who love, guide and protect us. You can think of them as imaginary friends, inner selves, or helpers from the spirit realm.

Whether you think of them as being real, or personified metaphors, there are many roles spirit guides play in our lives, and ways they can help us. Spirit guides are like:

*Life coaches, helping us make improvements in every part of our lives.

*Counsellors, helping us understand ourselves and others.

*Good friends, who love us unconditionally and tell us the truth about our strengths and weaknesses.

*Tuning forks, adjusting our aura frequency to bring about balance.

*Mentors, who role model behaviours and personality traits that help us grow.

Spirit guides come in all kinds of guises but in essence they are simply pure energy. When I am sketching the aura, spirit guides appear to me in their true form as spheres or sparks of light but most of us relate better to our guides when we humanise or personify them in some way by assigning them form, gender, names and so on. The personifications we choose for them, or perceive when we interact with them, are usually good representations of their core essence. Another way to think about this is to imagine that spirit guides dress up in specific forms, identities, images or characters that best convey their core essence.

Here are some ideas about the forms in which our spirit guides might appear to us, or the various universal characters or archetypes that can functions as spirit guides:

Male or female characters

Historical figures

Loved ones who have crossed over

Angels and archangels

Ascended masters

Star brothers and sisters

Animal spirit guides

Nature spirits (elementals, fairies, elves, sprites, dwarves, dryads etc)

Magical creatures (dragons, unicorns, mermaids, selkies etc)

Gods and Goddesses

Mythical characters

Some of our guides have known us before, perhaps in past or future lives, or in other dimensions. And some guides are actually ourselves, in different forms. Here are some good examples of self-guides:

Higher self

Inner child

Inner warrior

Wise inner self

Past life self

Future life self

Guides can be individuals or collectives, with some guides being more accurately described as a group of light beings working together for a common purpose. When guides connect with us its usually because they resonate with our values, purpose and/or personality: guides connect with us on the basis of rapport. Here are some reasons guides have for connecting with us:




Shared values

Common goals

Spiritual service

Past/future life connections

Repaying favours and making up for past transgressions

Personal growth


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