Spirit writing, 9th March 2001

At the moment I am going through all my old diaries. I am using some of the material held within them to write an autobiography of sorts- a collection of poems, channelled writings and conversations with spirit. Some, like the sample following, seems to be a mix of all three! Channelled writing, from my perspective, is writing that flows, or writing that pours out from you when you are ‘in the flow’. Or perhaps, another term for it might be ‘inspired writing’. Here is a sample I found in one of my diaries dated 9th March 2001. 

“Love the Earth

Love your History

Love your Ancestry….

And know they are eternal. Find within you the flame which burns eternally. Know Who You Are. Be Who You Are. That is your true self. You are what you have created up to this moment. To manifest new transformations you must face what it is you seek to change and honour that change within yourself.

All are One

Seek the pathways which lead you forth but discard not, your creation up to this moment. Instead, honour this wholeness, this growth…honour ALL of you.

We are One

Not just within ourselves, not only within humanity, not only with God/Goddess/All That Is…

…we are one with our past, our history, our ancestry.

Love it all, we beseech you, do this and you will know great joy which sets you free to the sky, dipping your finger-feathers in the void of all possibility. Love who you are entirely and your heart will soar amongst the stars, sisters and brothers.

Your wounds are shared by a family, a soul-group…the cosmic body to which you belong, the stream of light with which you fly.

Be Who You Are

This life is your creation.”

Oh… I just found a bit more on the next page:

“Are you over-compensating for your wounds by over-protecting them?

Take care not to make your wound your entire identity.

You are more than this. See how you flinch and protect the area? This is a raw spot. A wound. Know you are more than a wound. Know that the wounds are to be proud of… battle scars which are part of the unique and beautiful creation in each moment of you. They are your character, your moulding, your depth.

Life is what we make of the threads on the loom of All That Is…whatever the colour, texture…

Don’t push away parts of yourself because they are wounded. They have a voice which needs to be heard. Tend to the parts of you which feel vulnerable. Don’t just hide them away, protect them and then simply forget them (or pretend they are gone).

Neither wear your wounds with pride, saying ‘be careful, I am delicate’. Make them a part of you, equal to any other part of you. Treat all of yourself with respect.

The raw wound is a child, a child state, an illusion of weakness, a vulnerability…life being born of an egg. We are all reborn many times, many ways. We learn to love our weaknesses, for they have hidden strengths which we can honour and love. But did you know, they stay hidden until we reach out a hand of friendship in love?

A vulnerability is an area of receptivity, an openness and exposure of self. We can be easily hurt, it seems, and we become careful. Your wound remembers, and is careful. Let your wounds share their ‘wisdom from experience’ with you but know that the fears of being ‘hurt again’ can hold you back from experiencing life and discovering Who You Are. With time comes discernment.”

I cut the end a bit short- it got rambly. I guess I get bored with it because I’ve heard it all before…. *laughter* But my favourite bits of wisdom to do with trust ARE:

*It isn’t about being open and trusting all the time or closed and protected/guarded all the time. It’s about being fluid and wise (discerning) and judging to what extent it is appropriate to be open or closed in each unique situation. This gets easier with practise, but it can be particularly challenging for people who with a challenging childhood or teen years. If no-one protected you or set any safe boundaries for you, it will take some practise to work out how to do this for yourself. If someone over-protected you, same deal. Even more challenging with abused trust, because then all your ‘trust fibres’ in your aura get twisted and tangled up, and you won’t be able to trust your own judgement!

*Only give a little bit at a time to see what a person will do with it before giving them more. This is simply about taking responsibility for something precious (the gift of trust) you should be looking after with great care.

*You can’t trust all people with all things. You can trust some people with some things, but perhaps not with other things. Your romantic inner child might want to trust everyone because it fulfils some ideal fantasy about living in a beautiful world with people who have beautiful hearts, but this isn’t realistic. The romantic inner child thinks life should be fair, and it probably should be…. but it isn’t. (and fair according to who anyway? Fair, like beauty, lays in the eye of the beholder).

And last of all…..