Healing for physical ailments

I am passionate about, and intrigued by, the psychology and physiology of emotions. That’s not to say I don’t work on physical ailments: I do, but it’s always within the context of exploring the mind-body connection and helping my clients understand the impact emotions, stress and personality can have on physical health.

Back in the days when I did heal physical ailments, my speciality was working on the structural aura to heal musculoskeletal ailments. This usually involved repairing and realigning broken energy lines. I was recently reminded of this work when a student sent me the following email question:

Is there anything I need to be aware of if I want to do healing (in person or distantly) on someone who has a back injury? I’d like to connect him to his guides/the universe so he can receive the healing he needs but I’m unsure about working on physical injuries – if I do put my hands on him, could that cause increased blood flow? He’s been told to use a heat pack and anti-inflammatory. 


“It’s fine to do healing on physical injuries… trust the intelligence of the energy flowing through you, plus the intelligence of the client’s field- it will do what needs to be done without causing harm.

Increased blood flow is a good thing. A heat pack does the same thing. Always remember that pain and discomfort can occur in response to healing, not because harm is being caused, but because 

– the healing process is being sped up/enhanced
– energy building behind blockages creates pressure/discomfort until the block clears
If people experience discomfort/pain during the healing process, it’s best they trust their body rather than being fearful (which will cause further muscle contraction and hence pain), and surrender to the process. Pain/discomfort isn’t always a bad thing. If the client can endure past a build up of discomfort, the blockage will clear and the discomfort will pass, with a corresponding improvement in health.
Likewise, people sometimes experience a healing crisis AFTER healing, where they feel worse before they feel better. To avoid a healing crisis, always replace energy in spaces created after you manually remove blockages, and never do too much in one healing session. I’ve healed chronic severe back injuries in one session, but in each case, the down side was a severe healing crisis that lasted 1-3 days, after which the person was fully cured. I find this a bit too drastic, and prefer a slower approach.”

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