Cleaning Wounds and Blockage Sites

(not sure if I’ve posted this one before: just found it in one of my old unpublished books)


Cleaning Wounds and Blockage Sites


Removal of a blockage is only the first stage of healing in some cleansing situations. Blockages have a nasty tendency to leave residues of toxic material in the blockage site and ‘wounds’ from weapon blockages can be particular unpleasant because they can involve unhealed and infected tissues. This isn’t always the case and in many situations, a blockage can be removed quite cleanly without need of further cleansing work, but the removal site should always be checked afterwards to be sure it is clean before moving on to the next stage.


Wounds associated with weapon blockage sites can be quite graphic visually, with jagged tears in tissue and angry red edges on unhealed wound edges. In terms of cleansing, these sorts of wounds must be checked carefully for signs of decay and infection. Decay will tend to look burned, dried and blackened or grey in colour and is usually found on the outer edges of the tissue around an open wound. For the wound to properly heal, this tissue needs to be cut or scraped away. I personally prefer to cut, using psychic tools provides by guides, lazer crystals or my own psychic intent direction via imagery and my fingers. What I’m looking for when I’m doing this work is the visual or kinesthetic sense of healthy, raw pink tissue and I will literally keep cutting until I have exactly that. Gruesome work, but necessary if you want the wound to heal properly.

Other wounds can be rife with infection. Infection usually has angry red edges and deeper in the wound there are pussy or slimy textures in shades of white, yellow and sick-looking yellow-greens. This sort of material must be considered toxic in nature and as the healer, you must take care to conduct a hygienic cleanse. A hygienic cleanse can involve using tools to remove the infection rather than your hands, wearing protective energy gloves, getting help from spirit guides and being careful to move the infection from the wound to a holding container or cleansing site without any messy transfer.


Messy transfer wound be defined as trailing gunk from the wound over the client, yourself and your working space. This work can be difficult to do and you will sometimes make a mess if the wound is complicated or your concentration isn’t complete. While its easier not to make a mess in the first place, it can be exhausting to avoid and if you do make a mess, just be sure to clean it up properly and all will be fine. I generally call my guides in for extra support during this kind of work and the best colour frequency I have found for working with infected wounds is silver. Silver is very sterile and acts as a disinfectant. During difficult cleansing work, I will stop every few seconds and flood the room, the client and myself with silver so that I don’t miss any spills and can stay on top of ‘keeping it clean’. I’m also more diligent about cleansing myself and my healing room after the client leaves. For example, I might set a psychic waterfall over me for an extended period of time and then disinfect myself with psychic sunshine. I went through a phase where I would imagine my room being on the inside of a washing machine on a heavy duty cycle after doing this kind of work!


You might ask why bother? Whilst I’m not paranoid about mess by any long stretch of the imagination, I have learned from experience that toxic energies need to be dealt with properly because they are ‘sticky’ and tend to adhere to surfaces they come into contact with. If you leave them there, they can really clog up your space with unpleasant, negative energy that drops the frequency quality of the area it comes into contact with. If I didn’t cleanse properly, I might get very tired, feel vaguely ‘off’ or nauseous, and get grumpy more easily and so on. As a healing student asked me recently, no you can’t ‘catch cancer’ from a client who has cancer if you don’t cleanse properly (cancer is another gunky, toxic energy), but you might find that you catch a cold more easily or feel more fatigued afterwards. Toxic energy will eventually be drawn back into the natural environment for cleansing and time in a beautiful and untouched natural environment can do wonders for an energy field laden with rubbish, but it just makes more sense to be more tidy in the first place!


I also had the benefit of being assigned a spirit guide who nagged me senseless about ‘keeping it clean’ when I very first began healing. Tomas is delightfully relaxed and easy-going about most things but he does insist on me keeping a tidy workspace. I’m sure this was one of the conditions set on me as a healer from the beginning because I love to make a mess when I’m being creative. I’m hoping the tidiness will rub off on my painting work so that I stop wreaking brushes and clothes. It’s certainly rubbed on in other areas of my life, for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you Tomas. Cleanliness and good organization make my life so much easier in so many ways.