The aura colours of pregnancy

During the launch of my new book Aura Colour Therapy earlier today, I did a few sample readings to demonstrate how the Aura Cards can be used for counselling and personal development. In my first reading, we all had to laugh when three of the first four colours were all orange. This lady was most definitely an ‘orange’ lady in personality: vivacious, warm and very much an individual.

The most notable aura colour combination was silver and orange, a combination representing pregnancy. When I first began reading the aura, this was one of the classic combinations Spirit taught me to recognise. Every time I found it, the client was pregnant. After a while I began finding it in the aura of people who had been trying to get pregnant but didn’t know they had actually succeeded! The colour combination seems to appear in the very early stages of pregnancy. Without fail, I would receive a happy phone call a week or two later, confirming the ‘pregnant’ diagnosis.

Now that the focus of my training has moved on into other areas, such intense experiences to do with pregnancy are less frequent, but the colours still show up from time to time and I have also learned that they will appear when someone in the clients life is pregnant or has just given birth. My client at the book launch laughed and confirmed that she did indeed have someone in her life who ‘was pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or had recently given birth’.

When I began explaining how we can use the ‘pregnancy colours’ in a broader, more metaphorical manner, my client made a quip about how she was ‘pregnant with ideas’. With an abundance of yellow and orange in her aura, she was dreaming up possibilities and making decisions. Orange makes us hopeful and yellow inspires visionary ideas, filling our mind with light and clarity.

While Silver and Orange are the classic pregnancy aura colours, both colour frequencies need to be sharp, clear, vibrant and sparkling in tone for the reproductive system to be operating at optimum efficiency. Any dulling or hardening of either colour can reflect hormonal or reproductive challenges. If silver loses its lustre and becomes leaden and grey, or orange becomes dark and heavy, we could be having trouble getting pregnant, whether with babies or ideas!

When these colours in our aura are really healthy, we feel positively juicy! We bubble with fluid vibrancy and energy, we glow with an inner light that shines out from us, and our energy body has all the resilient tone and flexibility of a bouncing rubber ball. Quite naturally, these can be good therapeutic colours to prepare the body for pregnancy and to bring us back to life if we are feeling less than inspired by life.

Orange and silver can help the aura recover from grey episodes; periods of time in our lives when we are feeling drained, bored, apathetic, trapped, oppressed or depressed. Orange is the ultimate hope colour and silver blasts through apathy like a lightening bolt or a magical lazer-beam cutting through concrete. Or, as my husband says, a plasma cutter cutting through steel.

So if you need a little bounce, a bit more fullness and juiciness in your life, if you need a pregnant belly or mind full of possiblities you might give birth to in the future, embrace the dynamic pregnancy colours, orange and silver.

Blessed Be


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