Silver in the Aura



Magnified by: White, Clarity Yellow, Guidance Blue, Midnight Blue, Sensitivity Blue, Intuition Purple, Hardship Grey.


Silver people can have sharp, disciplined minds and an ability to cut the to core of any issue rather than getting side tracked by unnecessary detail. They keep themselves free of addiction and order their lives with efficient grace, preferring clear surfaces and streamlined simplicity in all their undertakings.

Silver is also the colour of spirit, and when spirit beings enter into our lives, they leave a tell-tale trail of Silver sparkles in their wake. As a result, Silver is often worn by psychics who readily communicate with and invite spirit into their lives. Some have an unusual capacity to perceive and travel into, other realms.

As an expression of sacred feminine power and magic, Silver is also worn by female Goddess energy, especially Moon and Star Goddesses.


Softly mystical and moonlit, Silver opens doorways between realms and puts us in touch with spirit. In fairy realms, Silver is the sparkle of magic used by fairies and magical creatures. In the spirit realm, Silver is a blessing of magical assistance lent by guides and guardian angels. In the healing realm, Silver is the quick flash of an instrument from the healer’s metaphysical tool box. Quicksilver and laser-like, Silver has the power to blast through apathy, blockages and obstacles that stop us from moving forward freely.

If silver is showing up in your aura today, spirit is assisting you. Any feeling of apathy or being blocked is about to dissolve. As a result, you might find that your progress through life speeds up or intensifies.


Silver can be used quite liberally as a therapeutic colour for dispersing darkness and stagnancy in the aura. To invoke Silver, call on spirit to help you and guide you or spend some time meditating with the moon as she moves through her cycles. Imagine lightning bolts or silver beams of light from the stars blasting through any grey apathetic fog that dampens your aura. You can visualise using a Silver sword or a tiny pair of Silver scissors to cut through the ties that bind you to other people and the past in order to set you free and restore you to yourself.

Silver can also be used as protective shield around the aura and makes an excellent antiseptic for cleansing and purifying psychic space. One of my favourite uses for Silver is to keep myself and my healing room clean while clearing toxic energy out of a client’s aura. This helps me avoid messy energy transfers and unwanted residue thus honouring the primary lesson from my male spirit guide Tomas, who always tells me to ‘keep it clean!’.


Magnified by: Movement Blue, Fantasy Brown, Shame Green, Impatience Red, Detachment Blue.


People who wear a lot of Silver with Movement Blue or Impatience Red can have a tendency to speak and move too quickly. An excess combined with Fantasy Brown can make people seem vague and overly mystical. There is also a third communication imbalance associated with Silver, and that is to be too clever and sneaky with words. These Silver tongued rogues often have a quick wit and nimble fingers with a gift for sleight of hand. They can seem charming, but may in fact be cold and unprincipled. This is, however, a rare pattern.


Too much diffuse magical Silver in the aura can reflect a lack of grounding due to excessive contact with the spirit realm. This can cause the physical body to weaken, especially the immune system. Whilst a rich inner world can complement our outer world, it must never become more important, more immediate or more real. Activities which are too intellectual or imaginative can stop us from developing a robust physicality.

Excessive Silver can at times have a harshness to it, especially when combined with colours like Hardship Grey or Detachment Blue. If you are wearing these colours in your aura, you may be learning difficult lessons about the need to cut away what is no longer relevant to your life. You may have to be cruel to be kind, or perhaps you will decide to cut your losses and cut away the rot in your life before it goes any further. Perhaps you are being sharp and cutting with others or you feel as though life is being ruthless with you.

Balancing Excess:

Excessive Silver is fairly rare, but when found, it can be balanced with Home Brown, Strength Red, Authenticity Green and Gold. Those who have a tendency to be overly cold can add warm colours like Warmth Yellow and heart-based colours like Wholehearted Pink and Compassion Orange.

For anyone wondering why I have added Silver to their colour therapy blend, here are some possible reasons why:

*To get you ‘unstuck’, if you are stuck in a rut.

*To clear apathy and stagnancy from your aura.

*To cut old ties that bind you. These ties might be psychic connections to other people that are unhealthy, or old conditioning from your family/ancestral line. 

*To toughen you up.

*To strengthen healthy psychic bonds.

*To enhance psychic abilities. 

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    • Hello Charlotte,

      It really depends as to the kind of silver present, whether it’s a personality colour or a temporary frequency stimulated by life events or personal growth, where it’s found in the aura, and what other colours are present. We have many colours in our aura, not just one, and it changes with us as we change. Some colours are personality colours that stay for an entire lifetime, but most come and go depending on our mood, attitude, experiences, environment and so on. People with a lot of silver in their aura are quite mystical, unless they have heavy, hard colours to offset this and provide good grounding (eg dark browns and greys). If you are silver and ungrounded (mystical, dreamy, spiritual, good imagination etc) the advice is to work on your grounding (being more present in the body and the moment, more practical etc). If you are silver with good grounding (disciplined, efficient, sharply observant etc) the advice would be to work on softening your heart chakra and learning how to surrender, trust and go with the flow. Hope that helps! Om

  1. Thank you so much, I often get stuck in different realms in dreams i get sleep paraylsis then it in and out of lucid dreaming which is my BIGGEST problem, i meditate often. This is my personality color I believe, I am also HSIP and clairsentient. Thanks again

  2. I have a silver white aura around my body and gold at the top of my head. Also have sparkles in the whiye silver part. The gold part started today when i woke up . i seen the gold and the white silver with sparkles in it when i looked over my shoulder. Then i asked my son what color i was he then confirmed that i changed colors.any input on my colors would be great. I also have my twin flame with me but i desided to walk away last night from him. Could that be why i changed.

    • Hi Jennifer, gold has many possible meanings, but perhaps for you it’s reflecting an improvement in self-worth, and/or some deeper contemplation about what really matters to you. Silver and white are usually about changes for the better. Silver can represent sudden changes, and any change that resolves stagnancy. I hope that helps!

  3. I can’t see my own aura but my Pops can. I journal every day and my aura color is an entry each day so I have him read me. Today was as slight silver lining with sparkles. I feel really good today!

    • Oh what a refreshing comment to read! Thank you, this is a lovely story. Silver and sparkles definitely reflect a high-frequency state, and help us feel good. The opposite is grey, where all the sparkle has gone out of us, due to being drained, oppressed, bored, stagnant, unhappy etc. I can be a great idea to work out what helps you feel sparkly so you can restore your sparkles when they dim.

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